Planes of Power was the fourth (4th) expansion of Everquest, released October 29, 2002.

Planes of Power introduced the "planar zones," a series of "otherworldly" zones that were not planetarily connected to Norrath or Luclin. These zones served as "homes' to the various dieties that players had long followed... and could now meet... and kill!

With these zones, Sony fully established "progression" (to become known as "flagging" and also "keying") as part of the game.

It also fully cemented portals into the game, which were first introduced with the previous expansion. The last expansion established Nexus as the new player hub, taking it away from the Commonlands.... only to now render Nexus generally obsolete and establish the Plane of Knowledge as the new player hub.

This expansion also increased particle effects to more than just epic weapons and increased the character levels to 65 (from 60).

Another feature introduced, was the formal raid (72 player limit).

Once again, Sony had some good ideas, but fumbled the ball in the long run. Despite the set-up for progression, they later managed to mess up the whole thing by adding in by-pass quests, will-ins (85% rule... which I am actually okay with), back-flags (loot a key and get instantly flagged wothout having earned the flagging) and later, they even allowed access simply by merit of level.

This was a major mistake, in my opinion. All of this "entitlement" actually worked against raiding, made a load of game content pretty much forever irrelevant, took away the "challenge" and actually worked against retaining the player base (remove the challenge, remove the interest and/or short-cut the content... players loose interest, despite the complaints of the malcontents).







A Crystalline Globe (Key to Aerin'Dar's Lair)

A Gem-Etched Key (Ragrax the Stronghold of Twleve access)

A Mystical Arbitor of Earth Cycle (Ragrax the Stronghold of the Twelve access)

A Screaming Sphere (key to Saryrn's Chambers)

Adler's Request (Crypt of Decay flag)

Agnarr the Storm Lord (part of Elemental Planes flagging)

Aiding Askr (Bastion of Thunder flag)

Alternate Access: Halls of Honor (Box of Souls)

Alternate Access: By-Pass Hedge Maze & Terris Thule

Alternate Access: By-Pass The Keeper of Sorrows

Alternate Access: By-Pass the Behemoth

Alternate Access: Plane of Tactics

Alternate Acess: Solusek Ro's Chamber

Avatar of Earth Cycle (Plane of Time B Cycle)

Bertoxxulous the Plaguebringer (Tower of Solusek Ro flag)

Carprin Cycle (Access to Lower Lxanvom)

Coirnav the Avatar of Water Cycle (Plane of Time flagging)

Council of Twleve (Plane of Time flagging)

Enchanted Ring of Torden (Bastion of Thunder Tower Key)

Fennin Ro, the Tyrant of Fire Cycle (Plane of Time flagging)

Grimror's Bug Collection (Alternate Grummus flagging)

Grummus (Ruins of Lxanvom flagging)

Gryme's Crypt Key (key to Grummus area)

Halls of Honor: Madmen of Virgins (Temple of Marr flagging)

Halls of Honor Trail: Rydda'Dar (Temple of Marr flagging)

Halls of Honor: Villagers (Temple of Marr flagging)

Lord Mithaniel Marr (Tower of Solusek Ro flagging)

Manaetic Behemoth (Plane of Innovation)

Planar Progression

Plane of Innovation Factory Key (Nitram's Collection)

Plane of Justice Trials

Rallos Zek the Warlord (Elemental Planes flagging)

Ruins of Lxanvom

Saryrn (Tower of Solusek Ro flagging)

Seventh Hammer

Solusek Ro (Elemental Planes flagging)

Sorrowsong (Tower of Solusek Ro flagging)

Symbol of Torden (Agnarr's Tower Key)

Talisman of Thunderous Foyer (Bastion of Thunder flag)

Tallon Zek (Tower of Solusek Ro flag)

Terris Thule (Plane of Torment flag)

The Keeper of Sorrows (Tower of Solusek Ro flagging)

The Mark of Justice (Seventh Hammer key)

Thelin's Torment (Hedge Maze)

Tylis's Condition  (Plane of Torment flagging)

Vallon Zek (Tower of Solusek Ro flagging)

Wind Etched Key (Key to Xegony's Island)

Xanamech Nezmirthafen (Plane of Innovation Factory Key)

Xegony the Queen of Air Cycle (Plane of Time flagging) 


Agnarr the Storm Lord

Aramin the Spider Guardian

Assassin Kakou

Baraguj Szuul

Bertoxxulous the Plaguebringer

Corinav the Avatar of Water

Council of Twelve

Fenin Ro, Tyrant of Fire


Gryme the Crypt Guardian

Lord Mithaniel Marr

Jerill the Enraged

Maareq the Prophet

Manaetic Behemoth

Overlord Banord Paffa

Rallos Zek the Warlord

Ralthazor, Champion of Marr




Tallon Zek

Terris Thule

The Avatar of Agony

The Avatar of Anguish

The Avatar of Pain

The Avatar of Suffering

The Keeper of Sorrows

The Unimaginable Horror

Trial of Execution

Trial of Flame

Trial of Hanging

Trial of Lashing

Trial of Stoning

Trial of Torture

Vallon Zek

Warlord Abouu

Xanamech Nezmirthafen

Xegony the Queen of Air


Intricate Wooden Figurine

Signet of the Arcane

The Binden Concerrentia

The Fabled Binden Concerrentia


Spell: Force of Akera


Bangle of Disease Warding


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