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The Lost Dungeons of Norrath was the sixth (6th) Everquest expansion, released September 9th, 2003.

This expansion was offered by download and by in-store box. Sony seemingly did not make retailers very happy, by restricting the previous expansion to downlaod only.

I recall the talk was that, in an effort to re-establish a good rapport with retailers, they offered a free weight-reduction bag (Satchel of Abu-Kar) to players who bought the box edition, rather than buying the download... and thus, we saw the introduction of the "claim window" and "claim items."

This expansion also introduced the Wayfarer Magus NPC's, each of which will teleport you to certain zones for the asking (if you have done the flagging first).

This expansion also introduced instanced zones, augmentations, an in-game ranking system and a new form of currency (Adventure Points) that was used with the new  "faction" based vendors

Instanced zones were a good idea, to reduce lag and player conflict over camps.

Augmentations were also a good addition to the game. Augmentations are best thought of as "gems" that you can "adorn" weapons and armor with... and in doing so... enhance their innates statistics or effects. The majority of items have at least one augmentation slot, many have two slots and some even have three. There are more rare items that have four slots. Item slots and augmentation slots come in varying types... perhaps best thought of a shape (after all, a round diamond will not fit into a square mounting...).

Rumor is that the slot limit is five slots and items have hidden slots that contain a hidden augmentation. In 2010 this idea recieved support because of a game bug. Players found a Slot 1 augmentation that had mysteriously appeared in their possession. It is said these items "popped" out of some items in error. I still, in fact, have mine.

The addition of an entirely new currency system was a very bad idea, in my opinion. Sony seems to have done this to address the so-called "out-of-control" in-game economy situation that supposedly began with the introduction of the Bazaar (Luclin expansion). However, this alternate currency system did nothing to remedy whatever imagined problem they had with the platinum system.

Adventure Points can only be used with with the Wayfarers in their five original camps. By the next expansion, with the usual Sony indifference, they forgot all about this feature of the game. The Lost Dungeons have not been upgraded for added levels, the faction vendors do not have new wares for the new levels, at least one raid zone remains bugged (at least, it was when last I tried to do it). Not even Adventure Points have been made tradable (like later alternate/faction currencies).

Another thing they left behind was the in-game ranking system. It is still there, but this feature was never carried forth onto other things. I suspect it was expanded into what is now EQ Players (greed before quality and customer service again), rather than expanded into the game itself. As a one might guess, EQ Players is heavily neglected and full of errors and problems.

Also expanded upon, with this expansion, were traps. Many items, such as chests, were now trapped with sometimes detrimental effects, if they were not first disarmed by way of a player with good disarming skills or a player with the right kind of disarming spell (sold, of course, by the Adventure Merchants).

Despite my comments, LDoN is one of my favorite expansions, as it allowed me to level up, gear up and improve my character like I had never been able to do before.






Wayfarer Magus Teleportation Flagging


 Reinforced Satchel of Abu-Kar


Adventurer's Stone 

Wayfarers Brotherhood Emblem 





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