The Legacy of Ykesha was the fifth (5th) Everquest expansion, released in February of 2003.

This expansion was available exclusively via download, which is just about standard fare these days.

However, at the time, I believe it may have been an effort to boost profits by eliminating costs (no packaging, no discounts to distributors for resale) while still charging full retail price.

It became apparent, after this expansion, that Sony may have burned some bridges, as once Everquest expansions returned to boxed editions (with the next expansion), they were rare inclusions on retailer shelves (even to this day). Many believe this has contributed to World of Warcraft's dominance in the MMORPG world... that and Sony's lack of advertising efforts.

This, in my opinion, was the "least" expansion ever, because it seriously lacked in content, even if it did add some popular features.

Features introduced included the Froglok player race (they had all ready been in game, they just were not a player race), armor dye, the charm slot, charms, in-game maps, the guild management window, the shared bank slot and expanded bank slots (from 8 to 16).

To go along with the Froglok introduction, the Frogloks invaded the Troll city of Grobb, took it over and renamed it Gukta, Outpost of Marr. The Grobb trolls sought refuge in Neriak, while a new faction, the Broken Skull trolls, moved to the Gulf of Gunthak and the connected zones (the new zones).

In 2005, the trolls would reclaim their city (and rename it Grobb, again) while the Frogloks would seek refuge in the Mountains of Rathe, where they remain today.

I do like the fact this expansion expanded into actual new lands, rather than some fictional "otherworld," however.













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