The House of Thule (HoT) was the 17th expansion to Everquest, released October 2010 and expanding off of The Feerrott.

HoT did have some "preview" events/tasks, such as a number of named MOB's apeparing in The Feerrott before the expansion was fully released (these MOB's are now found in their proper zones).

HoT increased the Level cap again, to 90.

HoT also allowed something Sony has long argued was impossible because of game mechanics or coding... when we players knew the truth was about the time/effort involved in doing it. Yes, they allowed bags bigger than 10-slots! Players could now obtain, make or purchase bags as big as 32 slots. These large bags were intertwined in to Legends of Norrath awards, EQ Claims and Station Cash as well, all most immediately.

The new, bigger bags, also changed the bag window we were accustomed to, as the bag window could now be re-sized and re-shaped (it did take some getting used to).

HoT also introduced a new Rank II & Rank III spell system, where players can choose the spell/disc they want (via a selectable hand-in task), rather than have them awarded in a sequence and/or based on the spell-quest item they obtain (such as a trade-in gem or rune).

HoT also introduced new housing zones. Housing zones are instanced zones accessible from the Guild Lobby. Each zone can accomodate a certain amount of players (limited number of lots), complete with vendors, a bank and so forth. While each of these zones has a unique name, they are all identical, otherwise, in layout. Areas of the zone are accessed by runnign there, using teleport pads similar to those in Katta, and/or using using a giant spring to "throw" you to a location.

Guilds, via Station Cash, can also purchase their own "zones" (named for the guild, rather than a generic game name), where only members of that guild can own lots.

Inside the player zone, any one character can purchase up to two lots each. Lots come in varied sizes (related to number of items and pets allowed). The houses also come in various types, and sizes (related to appearance, interior features, number of items allowed inside and similar).

Once a lot is purchased, players can add houses and other features to the lot (aka Yard). Once a house is placed on the lot, the house itself is also an "instanced" zone (for the inside of your house), which can also accomodate placement of items, furniture and so forth.

The catch is that only items labeled as "placeable" can be placed in a house and/or yard. This is what Sony meant by "treasured item" in their HoT hype (go ahead, all at once, "Wow...").

The tricky part is placing items to your liking, as you will have to learn how to move. twist, shrink, enlarge and otherwise manipulate items to your satisfaction. After some effort, it does become relatively easy.

The set back to housing is that once purchased, you STILL have to keep paying for the lot, house and certain items for ever and ever. If you don't, you get locked out and after a certain time, your stuff gets packed up and disappears and so forth.

Once again, Sony attacks the so-called economy issue by "raising taxes," (so to speak), which only results  in making housing unattractive to many players simply because of the "government imposed" (Sony) money-sink involved.

The big advantages to housing is the exponential increase in bank space! By putting stuff in your yard and house, it sure clears up some bank space! It is also fun peronalizing your home/yard and displaying your old hard-earned wares on the walls and such. You can even place "pets" (no longer used familiars, mounts and the like) who will roam about your house and yard.

Underfoot, via the achievement system, awards trophies once certain achievements are completed, related to progression. These trophies can be places in your house. Once placed, you have access to a third type of "Tribute" that stacks with Guild and Personal Tribute.

This Tribute (I call it House Tribute) works just as before and uses your Tribute points, just like Personal Tribute. The Tribute it provides it determined by the tophies themselves (they each offer various benefits) and which ones you choose to activate and to what level you activate them (the bigger the benefit, the bigger the tribute point cost).

Lastly, if my time-line memory serves me, there was another server merger during this expansion, as well.

















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