This is a rather simple process for access to the "city" area of Paineel and also to open the "rock" to The Ruins of Old Paineel (aka The Hole)!

Both of these keys will go on your key ring, after you use them once!


Bone Crafted Key (Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.1)

Hole Key (Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.1)


STATUS: Verified and completed!.



1) PAINEEL: You are looking for one of two skeletal guards, in the "newbie garden."

They are Guard Kellolonren and Guard Abbilash (both Level 20).

Con them, to see if you are indifferent or better faction.

If so, jump to Step 3.

If not, go to Step 2.


2) THE WARRENS: Slaughter like crazy, for the faction you need!

At Level 75, I easily zerged through the entire zone about 5 (five times) and got the faction I needed.


3) PAINEEL: Head back to Guard Kellolonren or Guard Abbilash, once you are indifferent or better with them.

Say to either one, "I need a key."

You should get a Bone Crafted Key!

NOTE: If that fails, try saying, "I need keyz.".


4) Now, head towards the stairway that leads down towards the Ruins of Old Paineel.

Just before there, there is a rock on the ground that stands out (you can't miss it).

Put the Bone Crafted Key on your cursor and click the rock.

The key will go on your key ring and the rock-like elevator will open up for you.

Step inside and take a ride!


5) Now that you are actually in the city of Paineel (you should not be KoS at this point), you need to find Rallia Hapera (Level 50).

She is in the area of p940, p760.

Buy from her the Hole Key!


6) Now head back out of the city (use the elevator again).

Once outside, run down to the Ruins of Old Paineel (aka The Hole) zone line.

In the water is a pile of rocks blocking the zone line.

Dive in, put your Hole Key on your cursor and click the rocks (right side) to open them up!

The key should now be on your key ring!



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