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While Everquest was not the first MMORPG (Massive Multi-player On-Line Role Playing Game), it certainly reinvented the genre and is the inspiration behind all of the MMORPG's out there today, including the World of Warcraft.

Everquest took MMORPG's into the 3D realm (360-degree environment). It was originally released March 16, 1999, developed by 989 Studios and Verant Studio's (later fully acquired by Sony On-Line Entertainment, aka SOE).

I recall when this first came out. I was highly annoyed because they not only wanted me to buy the game, but they also wanted me to pay a monthly fee in order to be able to play! Theses days, this is a standard practice! I returned the game to the store because I was so peeved by the idea of having to BUY the game and then PAY a monthly fee on top of that!

However... I was later lured back to the game by a friend and I have been addicted to it ever since! The game is so addictive that players started calling it "Ever Crack."

The game has recieved much love and much hate since it's inception... being blamed for things on both ends of the spectrum... from divorces to marriages.

Back in this era, the world of Norrath included Antonica, Odus, Faydwer and the "original" planes (Hate, Fear, Sky).

Most players, today, literally don't know how easy they have it, compared to how it was then.

The top level was 50; there was no tutorial; you were born naked and penniless; there was no compass; no maps; no task window; no fellowships; no guild windows; no raid windows (or raid grouping); no clickies; no familiars; no alternate advancement; blocky primitive graphics; no mercernaries; copper was valuable; coins could be dropped (they were actual items); no instanced zones; you had to recover your corpse (even at Level 1); you lost experience with deaths (even at Level 1); there were no task windows; and on and on...

I recall the days of killing rats just outside Freeport, so I could run to the guards for help; looting and selling every item; and then saving every copper just to buy myself cloth armor... that is, after buying rations and water! My first weapon was, in fact, a rusty sword that I looted from a skeleton... and I was thrilled to have it!

How many remember when Befallen was overrun with dark elves? That retrieving your corpse was a major undertaking? When 1 Silver or 1 Gold was actually a LOT of money? When Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum was droppable and could become very, very heavy? When those rats by the city gates were, in fact, a challenge to kill? When the graphics were boxy and primitive? When sitting to meditate, the spell book would take up and covere the entire screen so you couldn't see a thing? When the player trade market was via "shout" in the East Commonlands tunnel (or near the Freeport bank)? To view a players wares they had to open a trade window with you so you could look at it (you could not link items)? When there were no portals and you either had to run zone-to-zone, or you had to pay for a ride from a Wizard or Druid?

Good times!

This page will cover topics related to the original game, or things that are basic or general game mechanics that are not necessarily related to a single expansion (i.e. abilities, skills...).






The below links are either related to the original Everquest, the original Everquest zones or are somewhat "all-expansion" generic links (such as game feature links, even if those features were updated with later expansions). 




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