Dragons of Norrath (DoN) was the ninth expansion to Everquest, released in February 2005.

This expansion added to the Norrathian continent, expanding from a revamped Lavastorm Mountains.

DoN introduced two more faction based vendors and currencies (one evil and one good).

This time, the Ebon Crystals (evil coin) and Radiant Crystals (good coin) were earned via missions. They could be used to buy armor, unique augmentations and the like.

Unlike Adventure Points, these Crystals could be traded among players, creating a player market for them (they have yet to make Adventure Points tradable).

DoN was mostly set-up on a basis of instanced zones, but there were also static versions of these same few zones.

Progression was faction based, requiring players to essentially complete all the solo tasks, the group missions and the raids... and doing so in support of either the evil faction or the good faction.

As players progressed and gained faction with either the good side or the evil side, they are awarded with hidden, but free, alternate advancement awards. There are evil and good versions of these AA's, but they provide the same benefits to include HP increases, cap increases and the like.

Perhaps the biggest addition to the game was the introduction of the Guild Lobby and the Guild Hall.

As Nexus had replaced the Commonslands or Freeport as the player hub, and the Plane of Knowledge had replaced Nexus as the player hub... the Guild Lobby replaced the Plane of Knowledge as the player hub. That is, it did once they opened it up to all players (originally, if you had no guild, you could not get into the Guild Lobby).

The Guild Hall, a private instanced zone for each guild (you can only get in if you are in the guild) included tradeskill devices (which are terribly useful with no tradeskill vendors in the Hall), a second level balcony (with doorway portals that have no purpose) and player bankers.

Also included was a "meditation" pool (for fast regen) and a guild portal. The portal is pretty much right out of Star Trek. You buy a stone from the vendor, give the stone back to the vendor, step into the portal and you are then teleported to the zone you selected (you get a window asking if you want to go, of course).

Another feature included was the Guild Bank. At last, guild officers and leaders had somewhere to publicly dump... err, store guild items, rather than keeping them on their characters or  in their characters banks... or just selling or dumping them outright.

It was also a place for all other guild members to dump.... err, deposit items, just in case fellow guild members might need them.

The Guild bank, however, as illogical as it sounds, is not as big as a player bank and has no slots for coin donations/storage (platinum, gold, copper, silver...).

Only designated guild "bankers" can manipulate items in the bank, designate items for specific players, allowing only those classes that can use them to withdraw them, allowing anyone to withdraw them or making them "banker only" so players have to ask for them.

















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