Everquest's Depths of Darkhollow expansion was originally released September 13, 2005. It was the tenth Everquest expansion.

This expansion introduced the underworld off of Neriak Forest populated by clockworks and other beasts. It introduced monster missions, spirit shrouds and evolving items.

Spirit shrouds have proven beneficial to players by allowing them certain advantages in the form of access to abilities they would not normally have, or in making certain level related content easier.

Example, a non-rogue can shroud into a rogue and can then sneak and hide (great for tasks). With level-related tasks, a relatively "lightly geared" solo player might be able to shroud down to obtain a lower level version of a task, then unshroud, and accomplish the task more easily (notably true in certain seasonal quests). A Level 90 player who wants to do lower level missions, can shroud down to do them. It also allowed players to "shroud down" and play with their friends of lower levels.

Shrouds are one of the biggest secrets in the game, by way of utilizing them to one's advantage. Shrouds also have a progression, meaining you have to shroud up and go out and kill MOB's to gain experience and level them up to maximum level (and thereby, expanding the options available with that type of shroud).

However, as usual, Sony has failed to "maintain" shrouding as levels have been increased (shroud levels or types have not been expanded).

Monster missions are a fun distraction, where you become a character of game lore (Lord Nagafen, etc.) and "act" out an event based on Everquest lore.

Evolving items were also introduced. These items, originally, had entertaining emotes. As usual, Sony generally forgot about evolving items and very few have appeared in the game since. Those that have, have not always included the entertaining emotes (such as tradeskill trophies).

This expansion, as with Dragons of Norrath, had hidden (but free) alternate advancement built into the progression, known as "Blood Raids." In this case, players suffered from zone wide curses when they zoned into the raid zones. The Blood Raid AA's were actually negative AA's, until you maxed them out and became immune to the zone wide curses.

This expansion also included an upgrade to Epics, commonly referred to as Epics 2.5. This, in reality, was actually a quest to loot an item in the end-zone raid (Demi-Plane of Blood) and then find (spawn) an NPC that would "augment" your EPIC 2.0 (a hidden and unseen augmentation)... increasing it's statistics just a bit.

















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