The Paladin Epic 1.0: Part Four

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If you are here to do this quest, you must first have completed the Fiery Avenger Quest, as it is a required item for this quest.

This sword is the next step and you will be required to turn in your Fiery Avenger to complete this quest.

Fortunately, this quest is easier than the Fiery Avenger quest!


FIERY DEFENDER: Lore; Magic; No Drop; 2HS; Wight 0.1; DMG 35; DLY 40; AC 15; STR 20; STA 10; WIS 15; MAGIC 10; FIRE 10; COLD 10; POISON 10; DISEASE 10; HP 70; MANA 30; Effect of Holy Shock (155 DD and Stun); Paladin Only.


STATUS: Completed confirmed!



1) NORTH KALADIM: Find Jark (Level 55) in the mine.

Hail him and follow along or just try saying, "Some." and "I will get you dinner."


2) Find Nella Stonebraids (Level 55) in the area near the Cleric temple.

Say to her, "Dinner."

She will give you give you a cold plate of beef and bread (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.5) to take to her husband.


3) Go back to Jark and give him the cold plate of beef and bread.

He will give you a Pure Crystal (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.1).


4) EAST FREEPORT: Find the Peasant Woman (Level 20) in the area of p138, n545.

Say to her, "What water?"

She will give you a Bucket of Water (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.5).


5) Find her brother Joshua (Level 6) in the bakery (building nearby).

Give him the Bucket of Water and he will give you Bucket of Pure Water (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.3).


6) OPTIONAL (If needed): While you are here, step around the corner to the "Hogcallers Inn."

Upstairs you will find a dwarf named Pandos Flinstside (Level 28). Consider (“con”) him. If he "cons" less than amiable, you will need to work on faction with the "Clerics of Tunare."

You will need to do this step, or later steps will not succeed, if he is not amiable (or better) to you!

Back at the "Theater of Tranquility" you will also find Pincia Brownloe (Level 45) in the same bakery as Joshua. She sells Muffins (Weight 0.1). A full stack of twenty (20) Muffins will cost you less than two (2) Gold (super cheap and easy faction here)! Buy as many stacks as you can carry.

Go back to Pandos and give him four (4) at a time (do NOT stack them). You will gain XP and the all important faction that you need.

UPDATE: It may now be possible to turn in full stacks now, instead of just one at a time, due to game changes that allow stacked turn-ins.

It took me only two (2) rounds to get to warmly (over 400 muffins), from indifferent.

NOTE: This is known as the "Muffins for Pandos" quest.


7) NEKTULOS FOREST: You need to find Kirak Vil (Level 56).

He wonders around the forest near the Neriak zone.

You need to kill him. He can summon, has very high MR, has very high Regen and/or a boatload of HP.

NOTE: You might not be able to engage him until you say to him, "I am a Paladin."

Kill him and loot the Tainted Darksteel Shield (WAR PAL SHD RNG; Weight 7.5; AC 5; Magic, Lore, No Drop).


8) NORTH FELWITHE: Find Elia the Pure (Level 61).

She is standing by the water, near a corner. You must have amiable or better faction with her (see #2B, above).

Give her the Tainted Darksteel Shield.

She will give you a Gleaming Crested Shield (AC 13; STR 5; HP 10; Weight 7.5; PAL SK WAR; Lore, Magic, No Drop).


9) PLANE OF HATE: You need to kill the Thought Destroyer (Level 55 MOB).

It spawns in the area of n150 n600. You may have to kill various MOB's in the area to get it to spawn. Kill it and loot the Tainted Darksteel Breastplate (AC 10; Weight 10.0; Lore, Magic, No Drop; CLR, PAL, SHD, WAR, BRD).


10) RUINS OF OLD PAINEEL (aka THE HOLE): You need to find and kill the Keeper of Tombs (Level 51... said to spawn only once every 5 to 7 days). He has a pet, too (Level 40).

The Keeper is way up in a building.

Travel down from the entrance into the "town" area. Go through the town until you get to the tunnel on the opposite side. As you approach the tunnel you will see a building to the left. The Keeper is in that building. Go up the steps to the top, then through the doors there and then to the right/up in the next level. There are a lot of MOB's here, which is what will make this difficult.

Kill the Keeper and loot the Tainted Darksteel Sword (Lore, Magic No Drop, One Handed Slash, Damage 5, Bonus 11, Delay 30, Weight 4.0, Paladin only).


11) ERUDIN: At the Temple of Quellious find Reklon Gnallen.

Give him the Tainted Darksteel Sword and the Bucket of Pure Water.

He will give you a Gleaming Crested Sword (Magic, Lore, no drop, One Handed Slash, Damage 10, Bonus 11, Delay 30, AC 5, STR 5, Paladin only, Weight 5.0).


12) Now give him the Pure Crystal and the Tainted Darksteel Breastplate.

He will give you a Gleaming Crested Breastplate (AC 20; HP 30; Weight 10.0, Lore, Magic, No Drop, Paladin only).


13) Now give him the Gleaming Sword, the Gleaming Crested Breastplate and the Gleaming Crested Shield.

He will give you a Mark of Atonement (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.0).


8) PLANE OF FEAR: Find the wandering skeleton named Irak Altil (Level 51) (he will not attack you).

Some say he is usually near NE section or near the ring of fire area.

Getting into this zone safely can be really tough because of the aggro! At Level 80, you can probably do this solo.

A high level Rogue can use his sneak and hide skills to find Irak, and then aggro Irak (yes, aggro) back to the zone in, where you can then do your turn ins (even while he is aggro on another player... I did it this way).

Give him the Mark of Atonement and your Fiery Avenger and he will give you the Fiery Defender!

NOTE: You should also get the Title: Lightbringer. If you have a Fiery Defender, but do not have this title, take your Fiery Defender (equip it) and go see Kraylor Nalsiv in the Plane of Knowledge (up by the Library, in the northeast corner). Hail him and follow along. 


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