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This spell was added with the Prophecy of Ro expansion.

It involves three missions (tasks) where all group members have to be Level 70, or higher.

These tasks are also related to PoR progression.

These tasks are offered in sequence, so you cannot get the second one until you do the first one and so forth... unless you tag along with someone who has all ready done them.

If you tag along, it is possible to skip the first two tasks.

UPDATE: It is now possible to make this spell with research (Trivial 372: Chronal Resonance Dust, Fine Runic Vellum, Ink Additive of the Nameless, Ink of Tunare, Quill of the Lord Protector, Talisman Thickener). It was also added to the Paladin spell vendor, Cavalier Cerakor, in the Plane of Knowledge.


Spell: Blessed Aura: No Trade, Magic Level 70, Weight 0.1, Paladin Only, Conjuration, Mana 400. This "aura" increases healing effectiveness by 5% for those "in range" (and in group).


STATUS: Verified!






1) Everyone must be Level 70 or higher;

2) The zone-in is off the floating island on the east side of Arcstone via the platform (at the dead-end bridge hanging off the side of that island);

3) The best way to get there is to float off the top of the mountain that is in the center of the main (big) island;

4) Inside Skylance, the first area is a safe area (non-KoS MOB's);

5) MOB's here do not forget aggro very easily;

6) Adds do not despawn;

7) Once you get a mission, you cannot add/remove players (no gimping here);

8) Arkahn (Level 69) and his pet, Firefeather (Level 69) are basically just helpers to find the portal you need for the mission you are doing and nothing more. If you speak to Arkahn he will ask you where you wish to go. Respond accordingly and he will tell you to follow Firefeather to find the correct portal.

9) If all that you want is the spell, you only have to do the third mission, but you can't get the third mission (yourself) unless you are grouped with someone who has all ready done the first two missions.

10) For progression (to get the Tarnished Chime) you must to do all three missions.



1) ARCSTONE, ISLE OF SPIRITS: You are looking for Spirit of Ao the Fourth Born (Level 70).

He is found at the platform with the portal to Relic, the Artifact City.

This is the hardest of the three missions.

Hail him and follow along or just try saying, "My group."

You will be offered the task called, "Skylance: The Library."



Once inside, your goals are:

  • The first step is finding this portal and stepping through it. It is the first portal up the ramp;
  • Next, you need to find and speak to Student Joban (Level 71). He is down the ramp just in front of you. He is in the center of the room. I was able to talk to him invisible. Simply hail him and follow along, or just try staying, "Both halves."
  • Head back up the ramp to your group and stay near the portal (MOB's in this mission will not chase you through the portal);
  • The area you are in is simply a big room with ramps that go up and down. If you look, there are three ramps up: one to the east, one to the west and one to the north (from where you came in through the portal). Each ramp circles up to a platform; There should be about two roaming MOB's on each ramp (these MOB's are Level 70 to Level 72);
  • NOTE: The "student" and "apprentice" MOB's are non-KoS, but the "Historian" and "Bookworm" MOB's are definitely KoS;
  • Pull and clear to the right platform and kill Assistant Gareth (Level 73-plus). He is perma-rooted. You will get adds about every 10% to 15% of health, in the form of  six (6) A Possessed Book (Level 71 to 72). You can see them all ready floating there; He will activate them during the course of the fight. Keep the tank on Gareth while everyone else deals with the adds, when they activate. If you die, you can come back and try again with less adds (any that you killed will stay dead). Once he is dead, loot the Second Half of a Skylance Symbol (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.1);
  • Now pull to the left platform and kill Assistant Venorin (Level 73-plus). He is perma-rooted. He has a knockback. It appears that his knockback can be avoided by simply standing right next to him (in very close melee range). While this subjects everyone to melee and low-health aggro, it does keep you from being thrown off the pedestal into trash MOB's. As you kill him, adds will spawn about every 10% to 15% ("Bookworm" type MOB's, Level 70 to 72). However, these adds do not all appear on the pedestal as in the first fight, so you don't have worry about most (if any) of them. Once he is dead, loot the First Half of a Skylance Symbol (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.1) and run back down and step through the portal (or evac);
  • Now make your way to the Head Librarian Magus (Level 73-plus) on the back platform and give him the two halves of the Symbol; This is best done by a player who can feign death, while everyone else heads out;
  • You will get The Codex Artifice (Lore, Artifact, No Trade, Weight 10.0).


3) ARCSTONE, ISLE OF SPIRITS: Go back to Spirit of Ao the Fourth Born (Level 70).

Give him the The Codex Artifice for the win.

A Chest (Level 1) will spawn with a random loot item for the group to roll on.



4) Now hail Spirit of Ao the Fourth Born, follow along, and you will be offered a second mission: "Skylance: The Oubliette."



Once inside, your goals are:

  • The first step is finding the right portal and stepping inside. Its the portal right there on the main floor (to the left).
  • You want to break (Egg) (Level 1) until you get the right one (these eggs have a more HP than you would expect... and regen too);
  • The (Egg) are located in the in center of the circular rooms, surrounded by various MOB's;
  • Breaking the wrong (Egg) will spawn A Underformed Scrykin (Level 71 to 72);
  • Unlike the previous mission, this MOB will go through the portal and chase you;
  • The best strategy is to simply take the entire group in, clear the trash MOB's and then break one (Egg) at a time;
  • Follow this process until you get the The Prototype Egg of Tallongast (Lore, No Trade, Weight 20.0), which will appear on your (or someone's) cursor.


6) ARCSTONE, ISLE OF SPIRITS: Go back to Spirit of Ao the Fourth Born (Level 70).

Give the The Prototype Egg of Tallongast to Spirit of Ao the Fourth Born, for the win.

A Chest (Level 1) will then spawn with a random loot item for the group to roll on.



7) Now hail Spirit of Ao the Fourth Born, follow along, and you will be offered a third mission "Skylance: The Laboratory."



Once inside, your goals are:

  • The person who gets this task, will be given an The Incubated Egg of Tallongast (Lore, No Trade, Weight 14.4) (preferably a person who can feign death);
  • The first step is finding the right portal and stepping inside. Its the second portal on the right, up the ramp.
  • Place the The Incubated Egg of Tallongast on the center table in the Laboratory area;
  • This is accomplished by putting The Incubated Egg of Tallongast on your cursor and hitting the "U" key ("use") on your keyboard;
  • Three (3) A Lab Attendant (Level 70 to 71) will appear (roaming about the upper area where the equipment controls are);
  • You will now begin to get some emotes that are riddles to be answered;
  • You answer the riddles by clicking an item in the room, so make sure only ONE person is clicking these items;
  • Just as in the previous mission, the main group should be near the zone in, while a Feign Death (FD) player goes in, places The Incubated Egg of Tallongast and "answers" the emotes (a good Monk can do this easily)... otherwise you will have a lot fighting to do;
  • Each time you answer correctly, another A Lab Attendant will appear;
  • If you answer wrong, a A Gazing Lurker (Level 71 to 72) will spawn from The Incubated Egg of Tallongast;
  • Both MOB's are aggro, thus the need for an FD class;
  • If you answer wrong, you will also have to start over on the questions;
  • The items you click to answer the riddles are located north, south east and west inside the room and are in the form of "consoles" (a flat panel looking device) and "equipment" (varied appearance, but it does not look like a console);
  • A hint is to look up at the ceiling for the answers, but in any case, the emotes and answers are:
    • EMOTE: The gaze-o-rama should be used to confer the egg with greater sight. ANSWER: West Console;
    • EMOTE: Use the trans-injector to infuse the essence of magic into the egg. ANSWER: North Console;
    • EMOTE: A good dose of ethereal goo needs to be applied next. ANSWER: East Console;
    • EMOTE: Switch the hyper-manipulator to align the proteins into their proper sequence. ANSWER: South Console;
    • EMOTE: From the ether, call out the spirits willing to aid you in this experiment. ANSWER: East Equipment;
    • EMOTE: The dispenser has the next critical component. ANSWER: South Equipment;
    • EMOTE: Distill the magical spirits into their purest form. ANSWER: West Equipment;
    • EMOTE: Remove the necrotic portion of the tissue. ANSWER: North Equipment;
  • One you have successfully answered all eight of the emotes, Tallongast the Discarded (Level 73-plus) will appear;
  • He can be solo pulled to the zone line;
  • You need to kill Tallongast the Discarded, who can hit as hard as 2K;
  • A loot item, for the group to roll on, will be on his corpse;
  • Your appropriate class spell/skill should appear on your cursor;
  • Also, if you have done all three (3) missions, you should also get a Tarnished Chime (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.1)
  • If you didn't get it, see the next step.

But wait! You aren't done!


9) ARCSTONE, ISLE OF SPIRITS: You will want to do this next step (optional) as well!

This is also part of proper Theatre of Blood zone access.

You should have also received an item that is part of the quest for that zone.

If a Tarnished Chime did not appear on your cursor or in your inventory, go back and hail Spirit of Ao the Fourth Born.

This should award you the Tarnished Chime.


10) Now give that Tarnished Chime right back to Spirit of Ao the Fourth Born and he will give you a Harmonic Chime (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 0.0).

Hang on to this, you will need it for progression.



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