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Have you ever thought about playing on the Beta Server? But didn't know how? Or what to do, once you were there?

Wonder no more!

A few things to know in advance....


NOTE: DID I MISS ANYTHING? If you see any issues (errant info, spelling, bad links, missing info, etc.) below, please send me an in-game message to let me know, so I can add it!



1) PRE-ORDER (MAYBE): First, you may, or may not have to pre-order the next expansion in order to get into Beta.

Go the EQ Web site and check the EQ News Releases for details.

If it isn't there, check the EQ Forums, for same.

Look for News Releases or Dev Posts about the new expansion and / or Beta testing.


2) DOWNLOAD & INSTALL BETA: Next, you need to download and install EQ Beta.

You should find a link to do this with on the Everquest site, in either the EQ News Releases or the EQ Forums, as noted above.

EQ Beta is a full and separate install on your computer (do NOT install it in your live directory, install it in a separate / new directory).

NOTE: You may have to download and install / re-install a new Beta every year, if your old Beta install does not work.


3) BETA COPY FROM LIVE SERVER(S): Next, you will need to log into any live server(s) you play on, to any character(s) that you want to copy over to the Beta Server.

NOTE: If there are items / things in your Guild Hall, your shared bank and / or at one of your houses that you want to carry over, you will need to first go get them and put them in a bag (on your character), to insure they copy over (clarified below).

Once done, use the /beta command.

You should see a response about Beta (ignore any comments about if you qualify or if are selected, etc. -- it's old scripted text and does not apply anymore).

Beta allows up to 18 Characters, which can be from any server (all of your characters, no matter what server they are from, will appear on your Beta character select window).

It will take about 24-hours (next day) for your character(s) to appear on the Beta Server.

NOTE / WARNING: While you can create a brand new character on Beta, do NOT waste a Heroic Character for this (if you have one)! Heroic Characters are assigned to accounts, so if you use one for this, you use it for real and lose that Heroic Character (even on live servers). If you create a new character, make it Level 1 and skip the Tutorial. I do not recommend new characters, as they will not have all the AA's, Levels and so forth that your actual characters (from the live servers) have. More on this later (see #10).


4) LOG IN TO BETA: When ready (next day, usually), run the EQ Beta launcher and log into Beta (using the same account and password info for live servers).

You are now on Beta!



5) EXPECTATIONS: Devs (short for Developers, the game programmers / designers... aka GM's, for Game Masters) simply want you to play and report any concerns, problems and issues for anything and everything!

Tradeskills, pathing, zones, mercenaries, combat, MOB's, quests, missions, spelling, NPC's and so on!

Anything and everything you come across and / or see... or know... or even suspect to be an issue, error, bug, problem or whatever. 


The more feedback they have, the better the expansion can / will be when it goes live.

In fact, once you are in Beta, you can go to the EQ web-site, log into the EQ Forums and see the Beta Forums at the bottom. There is / will be a lot of Beta info therein, from the Devs and other players.

You may often see Dev's in the game, themselves. Wave or hail if you want to, otherwise, leave them be so that they can focus better on what they are doing (and don't expect a response... they are busy and may not have even noticed your hail or wave or tell).

You may sometimes see GM's in beta, themselves.


6) REPORTING ISSUES: Any concerns you have can be reported in one of two ways...



7) THE WHOLE GAME IS THERE, EXCEPT FOR THE NEW STUFF: One thing to understand right away, is not to expect a fully developed expansion when you start Beta.

Granted, it is a full EQ world. All the stuff from past expansions is there just like on the live servers.

However, this is not the case for the new expansion content.

There may be missing / incomplete recipes, items, NPC's, loot tables (what drops), Named (Rares), Quests, Missions, Zones, Faction, Achievements and so forth.

Some items may be in the game, but it will have a placeholder name and / or a placeholder graphic.

Some NPC's may be in the game, but do not actually give their quest yet.

Things will slowly be added / updated as Beta progresses... or maybe even not until after the expansion goes live.

LEFT: "primary all aug // GT1" is a placeholder item with a placeholder graphic. RIGHT: Tidal Bauble is what the placeholder item is believed to have been finalized as in the live game.


8) NOT EVERYTHING TRANSFERS OVER: Next, not everything related to your character will transfer over!

Basically, what does transfer over is your character, everything they have on them (to include Key Rings), Parcels and your Bank (except the shared slots). Don't expect much more than that.

To be more specific, things that will not transfer over include:


9) IN-BETA SET-UP: When you log in to Beta, you will instantly notice that your windows are not all there or in the wrong places and so forth (see above).

So, you will need to spend a little time setting this up to a level of acceptance (Beta lasts about 2 months... it is temporary).

Things you may want to spend your first session doing include:

If you are computer savvy and know how, you probably know how to move over most of the above, like certain settings, maps, hot bars and the like.

If not, you will still be able to play on Beta just fine and not worry about it... this is a temporary server, after all).


10) LEVELS & AA'S: If you created a new character, or are not max Level and / or AA's... there might be free boosts for you!

In the Plane of Knowledge, by a building near the Plane of Tranquility Stone, there is a Erudite NPC named Lorekeeper Antonov.

Hail him and he will tell you about an assortment of things that may or may not help you (it all depends on what the Dev's have authorized for the current Beta Test... sometimes they also "up the ante" as Beta progresses, so you may want to revisit this NPC on a regular basis).

But first, make a decision about if you want to experience Beta as you will when it goes live (don't boost yourself up)... or go ahead and boost your character up (which can make it easier to earn Beta Tokens). Just understand, if you boost yourself up, don't expect the same results when it goes live (after all, you will not have as many levels and / or AA when it goes live).

Just hail and respond accordingly.

Thing he can do (if the Devs allow it) is give you a Level Boost (all the way up to max level) and / or give you free AA's (in large amounts) to spend.


11) SPELLS & DISCIPLINES: There may or may not be multiple ways to get the new spells / disciplines (aka discs) (Ranks I, II and / or III):

Again, make a decision on if you want to experience Beta as you will when it goes live (don't go with Rank II and / or Rank III spells / disciplines)... or go ahead and get them (which can make it easier to earn Beta Tokens). Just understand, if you get them, don't expect the same results when it goes live (after all, you will not have Rank II / Rank III spells when it goes live).


12) GEAR, WEAPONS & AUGMENTATIONS: The aforementioned Old Man Thorren (see above) is a Vendor, and has a lot of useful things.

Once again, make a decision on if you want to experience Beta as you will when it goes live (don't gear yourself up)... or go ahead and gear up your character up (which can make it easier to earn Beta Tokens). Just understand, if you gear up, don't expect the same results when it goes live (after all, you will not the better CoV gear / augmentations when it goes live).

He sells many things, to include Spells (as noted above), Perfected Augmentation Distillers, a Palatial Guild Hall Package, Trophies (for your house /  tribute) and much more.

Some stuff is free of charge, while others stuff will cost you (into the thousands).

If you are "platinum poor" -- this can be issue, but other players may be willing to help you out (everything on Beta is temporary, remember?).

The most useful items he sells are the different types of "Beta Fish." which are named for the expansion (i.e. CoV or TBL or ToV...), the type (i.e. Group, Raid) and the Tier (i.e. T1, T2, TS aka Tradeskill).

Buy a Beta Fish (raid is generally better than group, and TS is generally better than T12, and T2 is better than T1).

NOTE: Beta Fish for Raid Gear may or may not be available for the new expansion, but it is usually there for the previous expansion.

Click the Beta Fish and a you will summon a clockwork familiar vendor (with a ~30-minute timer). This Vendor will offer to sell you a a long list of gear... armor, weapons, shields and even augmentations (augs) (primarily the new stuff).

Click the Beta Fish again, and that clockwork will be replaced with a new clockwork that will offer to sell you veritable host of augs from many past expansions (even quested ones)!

You can click the Beta Fish as many times as as often as you like, to go back and forth between the two vendor types.

Using the Beta Fish is how you gear up! 

Go shopping and upgrade what you have, with what is offered (there are other alternatives to gearing up (noted later), but this is the easiest and fasted way).


13) MAPS: If you have access to new maps for the new zones, then go ahead and put them in place, as well. They will be a bit more useful than the generic maps EQ gives you (if they have put any maps in at all).



14) HOW TO GET TO THE NEW ZONES: In the live game, there will be, of course, a way to get to the new zones (such as normal zone-to-zone travel, guild portals and such).

However, in Beta, the best way to get to the new zones is to hail Old Man Thorren (see above) and he will offer to teleport you most, if not all, of the new zones (see above). 

Generally speaking, Old Man Thorren seems to offer zones in the order of difficulty (by Tier... but this may not always be true). So, pick a zone and go adventure!

NOTE: Old Man Thorren can also offer to remove / clear timers and lockouts, so you can immediately go do something again, if you like.

If you can, get a group. Join in a raid. It's more fun adventuring with others and helping each other earn Beta Tokens!



Go do tasks, missions, progression and so forth just like you would in the live game!

Pay heed to the task / mission steps (quest window text / info), NPC spam, item lore, spelling, grammar, the new spells / discs and so forth. As you do so, note any concerns and problems and report them accordingly (see above).


16) HOW DO I GET BETA TOKENS?: In the past Beta Tokens were once a real in-Beta item (they were called "Stone of Beta Adventuring") that you could click for credit.

Now Beta Tokens are virtual.

They are generally awarded in varied amounts for completing tasks, missions, raids, achievements... and for helping the Dev's. You will see this when previewing quest rewards (they will be credited to you... you will no longer get an actual Stone of Beta Adventuring).

To see how many Beta Tokens you have, talk to Old Man Thorren (noted above) and follow along, accordingly.

And yes, I did say helping the Dev's!

Keep watch in General chat and for system messages where a Devs may ask for players to aid in some matter they are working on. You can also check the Beta Forums where GM's ask for players to test / review things, or even post notice about test events, such as raids, that you can try to log on and get in on. Such things can often give you Beta Tokens as well, and sometimes more than your average task or mission.

NOTE: Sometimes the Dev's forget to add Beta Tokens to Beta in the early going, but they do add them at some point (especially after enough players point it out).


17) DO I GET A REWARD?: Yes, but don't get too excited!

Usually, the Beta reward is noted in the News Releases and / or in the Forums.

Beta rewards are usually in the form of "fun" items such an ornament, an illusion, a mercenary contract, a familiar and the like.

If you qualify, the award will appear in your Claims on the live server, after Beta is over (sometimes a month or three later, but it can be sooner).

To "qualify" you need to have earned a certain amount of Beta Tokens on the Beta server. However, they never say how many that is, but it never seems to be a huge amount.

So, earn as many Beta Tokens as you can before Beta ends and hope it was enough.

To see how many Beta Tokens you currently have, talk to Old Man Thorren (see above).

>>Past Beta Awards<<
Prophecy of Ro

Lens of the Evil Eye

Suffix: the Adventurer (Unverified)

The Serpent's Spine

Fairy Wing

Suffix: "the Examiner" (Unverified)

Suffix: "the Insightful" (Unverified)

The Buried Sea ??
Secrets of Faydwer ??
Seeds of Destruction Mercenary Consciption Authorization
Underfoot Writ of the Bellikos
House of Thule Gumdrop Button
Veil of Alaris Contract of the Deeps
Rain of Fear Polymorph Wand: Gelatinous Cube
Call of the Forsaken Contract of the Tier'Dal Royal Guard
The Darkened Sea ??
The Broken Mirror Sul Vius Denizen Disguise Ornament
Empires of Kunark Cowl of the Dreadlands Yeti
Ring of Scale Overthere Headwear Ornament
The Burning Lands Royal Djinn Headwear Ornament
Torment of Velious

Velium Ornamentation

Allows choice of (9) different "Velium" weapon / shield ornamentations, via claim / quest reward window.

Claws of Veeshan Metamorph Wand - Mimic


18) THE REWARD IS OF NO INTEREST TO ME, SO WHY PLAY BETA?: There are several reasons to play Beta, other than the reward.

CAVEAT: Sometimes things on Beta are tuned up or down for Beta testing purposes, so the final live product may be different. NPC's and Rares (Named) have been known to be moved from where they were in Beta. Tasks, stats, and recipes may even possibly be changed up a bit.



19) HOW DO I GET BACK TO THE PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE?: Teleportation is the best way to get back to the Plane of Knowledge (PoK).

Hopefully you have some click items to do this with.

If not, be sure you are bound in PoK and stock up on Philter of Major Translocation (which should be sold by Old Man Thorren).



Generally speaking, most, if not all, of the new stuff can be acquired without making it (see above).

Also, sadly, crafting is not a pursuit that will earn you any Beta Tokens (even though it once was).

However, there is an angle / need for crafting things in Beta, such as finding issues and concerns with recipes, item names, trivials and other such things, that can be addressed before it goes live.

While you can do tradeskills anywhere, the best place to do it in Beta is in Ngreth's Den (aka the Crafthalls... see below).


21) CRAFTALLS AKA NGRETH'S DEN: You get into this zone via Old Man Thorren (see above).

The way back out is by the Portal Wizard right there where you zone in (just hail him and off you go, back to PoK).

This zone does not exist on live servers (well, not as a tradeskill zone it doesn't).

There are rooms with Bankers, cultural tradeskill devices, universal tradeskill devices, NPC vendors and so forth.

Originally this zone was quite the hub of activity. It was far more populated with assorted NPC's, some of which gave tasks for crafting the new stuff (food, drink, gear, spells, potions, poisons, etc.). But alas, no more.

Now, there is at least one NPC Vendor in the hall near the Bankers. They normally sell every new tradeskill component, as well as some old tradeskill components, which are also needed to craft the new stuff.

They usually sell the new tradeskill books, as well.

So, you can buy the books (be sure review them for clarity and errors), then buy the components to make the items they describe.

Also in that first room of the zone are a lot of NPC's that "look" like Vendors. If you view their wares, and they have a lot of them, they are asking a fortune -- in specialty coin -- for their wares. These "Vendors" are just for show! They are to show you the gear related to the name above their head. You can look, but don't buy their stuff! Again, DO NOT ever spend funds in the Marketplace on the Beta server! This is a temporary server and you will be spending real funds!

Vendor's in the first room of Ngreth's Den are for browsing, not buying. Don't spend marketplace funds to get the Bayle Marks to buy any of this stuff! You will be spending real Funds and Beta is a temporary server!


If you note any errors, misspellings, item name errors, misinformation or anything that needs addressing on this page -- PLEASE let me know via an in-game EQ Message (Bonzz on the Bertoxxulous server)!


This Page Last updated February 24, 2021