Anniversary time, don't hesitate! Go on out and Celebrate! - Bonzz

EverQuest began it's run March 16, 1999 and we partied like it was 1999 (because it was), and the party is till going!

With it 5th Anniversary, a tradition began where brand new special / new Anniversary related events (Quests / Missions / Raids, etc.)... usually with unique rewards... were added to the game, each year. They even have their own Achievements.

These events are only available every March / April (and sometimes into May).

The items / awards you can acquire from Anniversary Events are not only unique, but many of them are quite desirable and / or beneficial.


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5th Anniversary (2004) 6th  Anniversary (2005) 7th  Anniversary (2006)
8th  Anniversary (2007) 9th Anniversary (2008) 10th Anniversary (2009)
11th Anniversary (2010) 12th Anniversary (2011) 13th Anniversary (2012)
14th Anniversary (2013) 15th Anniversary (2014) 16th Anniversary (2015)
17th Anniversary (2016) 18th Anniversary (2017) 19th Anniversary (2018)
20th Anniversary (2019) 21st Anniversary (2020) 22nd Anniversary (2021)
23rd Anniversary (2022) 24th Anniversary (2023) 25th Anniversary (2024)


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