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It sure can be a a massacre, when you become a scavenger! - Bonzz

The 5th Anniversary of EverQuest saw the introduction of temporary, special Anniversary event.

After that, it became an annual inclusion in EverQuest, with new events being added each year, as well as the old ones being reactivated right along beside them.

Anniversary Events generally start around March 16th (EverQuest was launched March 16, 1999), and continue to about mid-May.

There are now so many Anniversary Events that they are implemented in two parts... "Modern" events (14th Anniversary and forward) and "Legacy" events (5th to 13th Anniversary).

As a note, there were no Anniversary Events before the 5th Year of EverQuest.

The "Legacy" events do not award Commemorative Coins, but do include Fabled MOB's. These events do not start until near mid-April.

The "Modern" events generally do award Commemorative Coin, which is a specialty coin that can used to buy special items with "a jubilant merchant" in the Plane of Knowledge (near the Nexus stone, stuff ain't cheap!). These events start right away.

The Mechanical Fortune Teller (near the Crescent Reach stone) was added to the Plane of Knowledge, to help direct you to the events (by year), because now, there are a lot of them. Just hail her and follow along.

The reward for this quest is one of (5) version of the Staff of Endless Adventure (depending on when your character was originally created).




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5th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt (Solo)

1) The Scavenger Hunt is an old-school quest (no Task Window).

You do not have to actually go start this quest this quest with an NPC!  All it really involves is a hand-in! You can go get what you need first!

However, if you want to talk to the NPC anyway, before you heads out, see #11 (below).

Otherwise, go head out to start your hunt for the (10) items you need (you go to the zones in any order you wish, see #2 to #10, below).

NOTE: While you can certainly do this quest more than once, you only get the reward item once (see #13, below)


2) COMMONLANDS: Head to this zone.

You here to looking for a Collector's Lightstone. They drop from Wisps. Wisps are not too common and they may not drop what you need, Kill trash MOB's to get one.


3) CASTLE MISTMOORE: Head to this zone.

You are here looking for Gargoyles to get a Collector's Mistmoore Granite. You will find them inside the castle.


4) TOXXULIA FOREST: Head to this zone.

You are here looking for (2) items!

One is a Collector's Skunk Scent Gland, that drops from Skunks. Skunks are not too common in the zone and may not drop what you need. Kill trash MOB's until you get one.

Next, you are after a Collector's Kerran Doll, that drops from Kerrans in the Kerra Isle area of the zone. Head to the Kerra Isle area of the zone and kill Kerrans until you get one.


5) SOLSEK'S EYE (aka Sol A): Head to this zone.

You are here looking for a Collector's Fire Goblin Skin, that drops from Goblins (Flame, Cinder, Fire, types). Kill fire-type Goblins until you get one.


6) LOWER GUK (aka Sol A): Head to this zone.

You are here looking for a Collector's Undead Froglok Tongue, that drops from Frogloks (the undead ones). You will find them in the area near where the Assassin spawns.


7) FEEROTT: Head to this zone.

You are here looking for a Collector's Scythe, that drops from Specters. You will find them behind the secret wall, in the caves that lead to the Plane of Fear.


8) DAGNOR'S CAULDRON: Head to this zone.

You are here looking for a Collector's Water Ring, that drops from Aqua Goblins. You will find in the water and along the edges of the lake.


9) SOUTH KARANA: Head to this zone.

You are here looking for a Collector's Preserved Split Paw Eye, that drops from Gnolls. You will find them near the Infected Paw zone.


10) OCEAN OF TEARS: Head to this zone.

You are here looking for a Collector's Shark Tooth, that drops from Sharks. You will find them around the Cyclops island (near the Druid Ring side).


11) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: Now it's time to talk to the NPC... and there are 14 to choose from!

They are all located in (13) different City zones, but there is one that is universally easy to get to!

Just head to Skrasa Ka`rok in the Plane of Knowledge (near the Cabilis stone).

Hail Skrasa Ka`rok and follow along to get a Collection Bag and a Collector's Cheat Sheet.

The Collector's Cheat Sheet is just a book of clues is a list of clues on where to find the items you collected, above. Read if you want to, but you don't need it and can destroy it.


12) COMBINE: Put the (10) Collector items you acquired inside the Collectors Bag and combine them to make a Sealed Collection Bag.


13) FINISH IT!: Give the Sealed Collection bag to Skrasa Ka`rok to finish the quest.

You will the Achievement: 5th Anniversary Task and get a Staff of Endless Adventure!

There are actually (5) different versions of the Staff of Endless Adventure, each with a different fireworks effect, when clicked.

The version you get depends on when your Character was originally created, as follows:

NOTE: There appears to be no way to acquire any other version of this item. Just to be sure, I did the quest more than once (so you can repeat it), even though the NPC response mentioned handing me a Staff, I did not get another / different version of this item. So, you can only get one, based on that.


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