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The 5th Anniversary of EverQuest saw the introduction of temporary, special Anniversary event(s).

After that, it became an annual inclusion in EverQuest, with new event(s) being added each year, as well as the old ones being reactivated right along beside them.

Anniversary Events generally start around March 16th (EverQuest was launched March 16, 1999), and continue to about mid-May.

There are so many Anniversary Events now, that they are implemented in two parts... "Modern" events (14th Anniversary and forward) and "Legacy" events (5th to 13th Anniversary). The Mechanical Fortune Teller (near the Crescent Reach stone) was added to the Plane of Knowledge, to help direct you to the events (by year). Just hail her and follow along.

As a note, there were no Anniversary Events before the 5th Year of EverQuest.

The "Legacy" events do not award Commemorative Coins, but do include Fabled MOB's. These events do not start until about mid-April.

The "Modern" generally award Commemorative Coin, which is a specialty coin that can used to buy special items with "a jubilant merchant" in the Plane of Knowledge (near the Nexus stone, and the stuff ain't cheap). These events start right away (mid-March).


The 16th Anniversary was in 2015.


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Belle of the Ball (Solo)          Pub Crawl (Solo or Group)          Cleansing the Grounds (Solo or Group)

Dead Dragons (Solo of Group)          Korucust's Royal Pain (Solo or Group)          Liquid Courage (Solo or Group)

Pirates of Timorous Deep (Solo or Group)



Related Achievements are:

16th Anniversary Tasks

16th Anniversary Tasks (Bonus)


Belle of the Ball (Solo)




Pub Crawl (Solo or Group)

1) SET-UP: First, some preparations!

You will need the following:;

Next, you will need to set up six (6) Hot Buttons, that you can click and say (sing, actually) the following:

Grammar and spelling exactly as noted above, is essential. Name the Hot Buttons whatever you want, but I suggest 'Stein1' to 'Stein6,' so you know the correct order to click them (explained later).

I also suggest that you set up six (6) Audio Triggers, for the same phrases (sans the '/say' part). This will give you an audible alert on when to click your Hot Buttons, rather than watch for the line in chat window spam that may be going on (also explained later).

Lastly, you will need access (the ability) to use the Lost Dungeons of Norrath 'Magus' NPC's. If you do not have this access, you will need to do the quest (outlined here).


2) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: You are looking for Brasse, who is on Find, behind the small bank (/waypoint -305, 970).

This is a group task, but you can get it solo.

You must be Level 21, have an Alcohol Tolerance of at least fifty (50) and also be drunk, before you talk to Brasse!

You can buy alcoholic drinks from Brewmaster Berina, who is also right there.

If you meet the requirements, and are now drunk, hail Brasse and follow along. Hand her one (1) Ogre Swill at a time, until she responds with quest (bracketed) text, then follow along, to get this group task.

She will give you a Dwarf Disguise (Dwarf Illusion item).


3) SOUTH KALADIM: You are looking for Hanamaf Darkfoam, who is to the left from the zone in area (/waypoint 80, 225).

Hail him and follow along, if needed.

Right there in the same area, you should see Tsann Wilbus. Hail him and follow along if needed.

The idea with Tsann Wilbus, is to win a  drinking contest with him (drink and stay more sober than Tsann Wilbus).

Thus, a high Alcohol Tolerance is advantageous, starting out full sober, and by drinking the less effective alcoholic beverages ('respectable" drinks, see Alcohol Tolerance).

What you do is:

Next, take off your primary, secondary and range items. You need to find Dwantin Cassilla, who should be right there in the same area.

Hail Dwantin Cassilla and follow along (/say fight), and then fight him, unarmed (hand to hand), until he reaches 20% and he will surrender.

He will give you Brasse's Stein Lid.

You can put your gear back on, now.


4) BUTCHERBLOCK MOUNTAINS: Head to the Lost Dungeons of Norrath NPC camp to find Magus Tira (/waypoint 1080, -2455).

Hail her, then give her twenty (20) Elven Wine, to convince her to teleport you to Nedaria's Landing.


5) NEDARIA'S LANDING: Magus Wenla is nearby (/waypoint 1025, 1525).

Talk to Magus Wenla, to get teleported to The Abysmal Sea.


6) THE ABYSMAL SEA: you are looking for Galidnus Corkpopper, who is in the bar (baking / brewing) area (/waypoint -165, 115).

Hail him for an update, then buy from him a Brasse's Bitter Brew (optional, see below).

Nearby, you will see Galdorin Visigothe (/waypoint -165, 200). Hail him.


7) THE ABYSMAL SEA: It is at this point that you can get the bonus item, Drunkard's Stein (an instant click portal to the Plane of Knowledge).

Click the Brasse's Bitter Brew to get a Bitter Bottle.

Target Galdorin Visigothe (/waypoint -165, 200). Target him and click the Bitter Bottle on him.

This is where the Hot Buttons & Audio Triggers (see Step 1) come into play.

Every five (5) minutes, Galdorin Visigothe will sing a song. Target Galdorin Visigothe. Each time he sings a line of the song, you then immediately sing it back to him (click your Hot Buttons, in sequence as each Audio Trigger goes off).

Do that successfully, and will get a Drunkard's Stein. if you fail, you an try again in five (5) minutes.

But wait, there's more! This task has a 24 hour timer and, at this point at least, the task is not locked!

As a group task, what this means is that five (5) other Characters can also come into The Abysmal Sea and get a Drunkard's Stein, by also singing along. After that, they can drop the task and five (5) more Characters can be task added to also come and get a Drunkard's Stein, in the same manner.

NOTE: Do not be Invisible.

You can do this as long as you like, so long s the task is active. You can even change leaders of the Task, so you can bring in your own Alts!

WARNING: If you plan to actually complete the task, don't let time run out on you!


8) THE ABYSMAL SEA: You will need to acquire an item from Galdorin Visigothe, before you leave.

You can either keep doing clicking a Bitter Bottle on him (you will need more Brasse's Bitter Brew), or you can get drunk and hail him, until he gives you Brasse's Stein Handle.


9) THE FEEROTT: Head to the bridge, not far (southwest) from Oggok (/waypoint 665, 1085).

Dive in the water and swim around the bottom under the bridge until you get a buff called, (MUCK).


10) OGGOK: Next, go find Leelouu (/waypoint 235, -240). Hail her and she will call on Bouncer Maray Nitashard & (Bouncer ?????) to help her attack you.

Kill all three (3) of them and you will get Brasse's Stein Cup.


11) BUTCHERBLOCK MOUNTAINS: Head to to the dock area to find Lessein Rocraft, who is standing along the south wall of the docks (/waypoint 1030, 2765).

Hail and follow along if you like, but give him the Brasse's Stein Lid, Brasse's Stein Handle & Brasse's Stein Cup and he will give you Brasse's Stein Cup.


12) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: Head back to Brasse, and give her the Brasse's Stein Cup to finish up!

You will get 5 Commemorative Coins.



Cleansing the Grounds (Solo or Group)




Dead Dragons (Solo of Group)




Korucust's Royal Pain (Solo or Group)




Liquid Courage (Solo or Group)




Pirates of Timorous Deep (Solo or Group)



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