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Be it Hell, or be it Heaven, these are the tasks of the Eleven! - Bonzz


The 5th Anniversary of EverQuest saw the introduction of temporary, special Anniversary event(s).

After that, it became an annual inclusion in EverQuest, with new event(s) being added each year, as well as the old ones being reactivated right along beside them.

Anniversary Events generally start around March 16th (EverQuest was launched March 16, 1999), and continue to about mid-May.

There are so many Anniversary Events now, that they are implemented in two parts... "Modern" events (14th Anniversary and forward) and "Legacy" events (5th to 13th Anniversary). The Mechanical Fortune Teller (near the Crescent Reach stone) was added to the Plane of Knowledge, to help direct you to the events (by year). Just hail her and follow along.

As a note, there were no Anniversary Events before the 5th Year of EverQuest.

The "Legacy" events do not award Commemorative Coins, but do include Fabled MOB's. These events do not start until about mid-April.

The "Modern" generally award Commemorative Coin, which is a specialty coin that can used to buy special items with "a jubilant merchant" in the Plane of Knowledge (near the Nexus stone, and the stuff ain't cheap). These events start right away (mid-March).


The 11th Anniversary was the first one to include Group and a Raid events, complete with unique drops and reward window options.

The solo task has variant versions, based on your Character Level (5, 15, 25, 25, 45, 55, 65, 75 & 85), given by Quest NPC's in variant zones. They are all basically the same, except for the zones you go to and the items you need. They also give Level related, but similar, rewards. If you want the best reward, do the Level 85 version (which is outlined below).

The group mission does not scale to Level and is intended for Level 80+ Characters.

The Raid required at least (6) players, but will accommodate as many as (54) Players. It is intended for Level 85 Characters.

Rewards for the 11th Anniversary include both Chest rewards as well as reward Reward Window Options, that include a laundry list of gear, faction and augmentations.


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1) BRELL"S REST: You are here looking for Norten Magmaflinger (on the Bridge), he should be in Find.

NOTE: There are (9) Level related versions of this quest, that start from variant NPC's in (9) different Level-related zones. They all follow the same process, below, but in different zones and with different items.

Hail him and follow along to get the task.


2) LICHEN CREEP: Head to this zone.

You are here to acquire (10) Lavaborn Steel, that drops from Lavaborn Golems.


3) STEAM FACTORY: Head to this zone.

You are here to acquire (1) Steamforge Anvil, that drops from a Steamforge Anvil Transporter (they are up on the catwalks in the north).


4) BRELL"S REST: Head back to Norten Magmaflinger and give him the (11) items to finish up.

You will get a Eleventh Shard of Emerald augmentation (30 AC, 80 HP / Mana / Endurance & =10 Corruption).

NOTE: The lower levels of this task award (8) different lesser versions of this augmentation.




1) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: You are here looking for Miggles Mistflinger, he should be in Find (by a tree near the Crescent Reach stone).

NOTE: This is a group mission and you need at least (3) Players to get the mission.

Hail and follow along to get the mission.

This takes place in an instanced zone. Miggles Mistflinger will teleport you there (Keyword "Go").


2) FREEPORT SEWERS (Instanced): Look for Gilamin, hail him and follow along.


3) ACQUIRE ITEMS: You need to acquire (10) Fancy Clockwork Gears & (10) Fancy Clockwork Batteries, that drop randomly from mechanical MOB's in the zone.


4) DELIVER ITEMS: Head back to Gilamin and give him the (20) items you just acquired (above), then hail him and follow along.


5) ACQUIRE ITEMS: You need to acquire (3) Central Processing Unit.

They drop from Fangbot (to the north), An Angry Helibot (to the East) & Mecha Tron (near the zone-in).


6) DELIVER ITEMS: Head back to Gilamin and give him the (3) items you just acquired (above), then hail him and follow along.


7) KILL TARGETS: You now need to kill (4) targets.

They are Version One (near where Fangbot was), Version Two (same place Mecha Tron was), Version Three (middle area of zone) & Version Four (same place An Angry Helibot was).


8) FINAL BATTLE: You need to find Karl Kranigan.

He is in a room to the east. Hail him and follow along, and then he, and the (4) MOB's around him, will attack you.

Kill them!


9) FINISH UP: Head back to the zone-in area to find Miggles Mistflinger.

Hail him and follow along, then open the chest to finish!

You should complete Achievement: 11th Anniversary Tasks, if you have also done the solo task (above).

The chest can contain one of four different Augs.

You should also have a reward window open up, where you can select from a number of options from Faction, gear and even another Aug.




1) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: You will need at least (6) Players to get this raid.

You are looking for Karl Kranigan, he should be in Find (by one of the inner stairways that lead up to the Library).

Hail him and follow along to get this raid.

He will port you into the event (Keyword, "Ready").


2) STEEL BEHEMOTH TESTING GROUNDS: Once inside, find Karl Kranigan and speak to him, to start the event.

At that point, a series of (11) "Steel Behemoths" will spawn that you need to kill. Each one is a little tougher than the previous one. The raid is on some sort of event timer, so with todays level of DPS, there will be a pause between each Steel Behemoth. Be patient!


3) FINISH UP: Once all of the Steel Behemoth have been defeated, a reward window should pop up with a list of reward options, from Faction, Gear and Augs.

Then speak with  and open the chest that spawns, that contains (2) more items (weapons and / or gear).

You should also complete Achievement: 11th Anniversary Raid.



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